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Andres Dubus III at Powell’s

March 19, 2011

Andre Dubus III Charms Portland!

Last night fans of Andre Dubus III turned out in force to hear him read from his new novel, Townie at Powell’s Bookstore in Portland.  The self-professed ex-fighter was articulate, funny and nothing but peaceful as he fielded questions from the audience of over 150 fans.  After reading from his book, he broke into a smile and proclaimed that “one gets naked reading a memoir in front of people.”  The audience had plenty of questions and after asking each questioner their first name, Dubus gave thoughtful anecdotal responses and even gave one audience member tips on how to write her own memoir.  Dubus called Townie an “accidental memoir” and has said that the book is the story he would have told his dad if he had had the chance. He also said that “writing saved me from fighting” and that he hasn’t “punched anyone in 23 years.”  He is pictured with loyal Portland fan Ellison Garvin Weist who got all her books signed.

W.W. Norton, 2011

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