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Cara Hoffman Interview

March 26, 2011

Author Cara Hoffman Talks About “So Much Pretty”

DP:  What compelled you to write about such a difficult subject?
CH:  A feeling of responsibility.

DP:  Did working as a reporter open your eyes to this problem or had you known someone personally who had been a victim of violence?  Do you still work as a reporter?
CH:  Like most of us, I know someone who has been a victim of violence. Working as a reporter was absolutely the catalyst for writing this book and for my research on the topic in general.  I don’t work as a reporter anymore and I have to say I do miss it.

DP:  How has writing So Much Pretty transformed or changed you?
CH:  Writing So Much Pretty has not really changed me in any emotional or intellectual way. I really do see writing as a job and am disinclined to attach great transformative powers to it other than the kinds you get in any other line of work.  And I think in many ways it has impacted me less than other jobs I’ve had. With reporting, I could really say ‘this changed the way I think.’ And when I was landscaping, I got in really good shape—had a great physical transformation. But novel writing is different, it’s very close to my skin.

DP:  What are you working on now?
CH:  I am working on a new novel about a woman coming home from a tour of duty in Iraq.

Thanks Cara!

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