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Alice LaPlante Reading at Powell’s

July 25, 2011

Road to Publication a Breeze for Alice LaPlante

First-time novelist Alice LaPlante was at Powell’s to promote her literary mystery/thriller, Turn of Mind, the other night and shared some tidbits on what the road to publication was like for her.  Be forewarned, it’s not your usual rejection-strewn road to hell that plagues most authors.  She said, “my agent tells me that everyone is going to ask this question and you have to say that my experience was utterly not like the usual experience. She says I had a wonderful ride.  She was right.  It was so easy.  I had a wonderful agent. I gave her the manuscript. She responded right away about how much she liked the book.  She did say, ‘I love the book – it’s the best thing I’ve read in a long time and I can’t sell it. I’m going to try, but I can’t sell it.’  Her reasons were two fold:  One, publishing is difficult economically right now. Publishers aren’t buying a lot of novels especially from first time novelists; The second reason was she thought the subject matter would be too grim. She sent it out and within two days offers started coming in and we had a bidding war. She says that everything went so smoothly – like it apparently never does.”  Oh, and LaPlante also mentioned that the movie rights “are in play as they say.”  And guess whose name is being bandied about for the lead?  None other than Meryl Streep.  In LaPlante’s case, I guess the first time’s the charm.

Go to Archive to see review of Turn of Mind posted on March 26, 2011.

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