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Jim Davidson’s Powell’s Reading

September 27, 2011

Friendship and Survival

Author and inspirational speaker, Jim Davidson, mesmerized the Powell’s audience with his story of how he and his best friend Mike Price triumphantly climbed Washington’s Mount Rainier and celebrated what they hoped would be the “first of many milestones in their lives as passionate young mountaineers.”  Tragically Price did not make it down the mountain.  Davidson’s book, The LedgeAn Adventure Story of Friendship and Survival on Mt. Rainier (co-written with Kevin Vaughan), tells the story of the accident that took his friend’s life and very nearly took Davidson’s as well.

Davidson began his reading by telling how he got the mountain-climbing urge in the first place.  He said he learned the skills needed to climb mountains by painting electrical towers for his dad’s company.  Often times, they painted amongst electrical wires.  He showed a picture of himself and a co-worker nestled in some wires on towers 200 feet off the ground.  He said, “Through the wires was running 230,000 volts. If you lift your head too high, the wire above will zap you.  If you put your arm down, the wires below will get you.  So by doing this, I learned to work in small teams doing dangerous work.”  He said he learned how to recognize fear and then how to control it. Then he took those skills he developed and went to the mountains.

The Ledge is a heart-stopping adventure story and is the perfect choice for both armchair mountaineers like me and the real-deal climber.

Ballantine, 2011

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