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Review of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman

April 20, 2012

This book was like a shot of Southern Comfort for this winter-weary reader. Hoffman sweeps you off your feet with the captivating story of twelve-year-old CeeCee who has parents that are a bit of a train wreck. Her future seems star-crossed and ill-fated until her great Aunt Tootie steps in to rescue her. CeeCee moves from Ohio to Georgia to live with her aunt, and it’s there that her world shifts from desperate to delightful. The wise women of Savannah surround CeeCee and shower her with love, while teaching her valuable lessons that turn her life around.

This is more than just a feel-good read. Hoffman tackles the difficult issues of mental illness, death, loneliness, racial divides, and divorce and then throws in a good dose of eccentricity for good measure. There is also plenty of down-home advice to take away from this book that could be used as rules to live by:

“Don’t grow up too fast, darling. Age is inevitable, but if you nurture a childlike heart, you’ll never ever grow old.”

Hoffman has produced a delightfully charming and funny testament to the power of women to overcome all that ails them, usually without a man in sight. This is a fantastic debut novel sure to win over even the most jaded reader, and I can’t wait to read what Hoffman comes up with next.

Penguin Books, 2010

To read an interview with Beth Hoffman, go to The Great Women Series.

  1. Sean Giorgianni permalink

    Ms. Hoffman is as talented a writer as you’ll find. I’m thrilled that you decided to review her for your blog. If your readers haven’t read her work, or reached out to her on Twitter, they don’t know what the’re missing! The literary world needs more blogs like yours and more writers like Beth Hoffman.

  2. Beth Hoffman permalink

    Diane, thank you for this wonderful review. I’m delighted that you enjoyed my novel and am grateful for your kind words.

    And Sean … it’s so good to see you again. Thanks for always being supportive. I miss you!

  3. Beth Hoffman permalink

    Diane, thank you so much for your wonderful review and kind words. I’m delighted that you enjoyed CeeCee’s story!

    And Sean … what a nice surprise! Thank you for always being so supportive. I miss you!

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