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Some Things I Learned This Week That May or May Not Be True – July 13, 2012

July 13, 2012

1. If I want lots of hits on my blog or Likes on Facebook, I should post something  about Cheryl Strayed, or a picture of my dogs. (Personal Observation)

2. There’s a new hashtag on Twitter: #ThursdayReviews (@BookGaga,Twitter)

3. If you stand in the sun all day without any clothes, you will absorb 50,000 units of Vitamin D. (Nurse Mona)

4. Candice Bergen is a Scientologist. (Susan Orlean, Facebook)

5. Brian Meeks ran his personal best on Thursday. (@ExtremelyAvg, Twitter)

6. The mandate part of the healthcare reform legislation is not a tax or a penalty. The act says: “In the case of any failure by a taxpayer to timely pay any penalty imposed by this section, such taxpayer shall not be subject to any criminal prosecution or penalty with respect to such failure.” (True STORIES,

7. Cheryl Strayed reached her Friend limit on Facebook, but you can still subscribe to her posts. (Cheryl Strayed, Facebook)

8. Mitt Romney has a Koch habit. (Slate Magazine)

9. If I want to get my clothes clean in my energy efficient front-loading washer, I need to choose: Cotton, Heavy Soil, Prewash, Extra Rinse. (Personal Observation)

10.  “There is never a bad reason to end a relationship.” (Stephen Elliott, The Rumpus)

  1. d2zen permalink

    Fascinating, Captain. Please tell me that Candace Bergen is NOT a Scifiologist. She’s fare too smart … or is she? Uh oh. This was fun. You’ve jumped a groove.

  2. One bad reason for ending a relationship:

    A person no longer believes in belief.
    A person does not believe in a better tomorrow.
    All change brings improvement
    Forgetting that getting “even” rarely brings satisfaction

    Past and to come seem best; things present the worst( Henry 1V)
    Jim D.

  3. Steve Reardon permalink

    You should go on the road with these observations— at least a television show!

  4. I was thinking of posting something like this on my blog, only mine would be more along the lines of, “Random Stuff You Need to Know (That No One Ever Tells You).” You’ve inspired me, so maybe I will do it.

  5. Go for it Amy. It’s a very good exercise to get your writing going in the morning. Deborah, I just read that Candice left Scientology, thankfully. Jim, I believe in you. And, Steve, I’ll take this on the road if you’ll be my manager.

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