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My Summer Vacation – Yesterday

August 2, 2012

Yesterday, I woke up needing a break from my routine. The books on my TBR stack looked menacing instead of enticing. That’s never good. And, I suddenly had lost the ability to string words together in an entertaining way. All my sentences were wearing tuxedos. What’s up with that? I needed an outing, for sure. And, nothing clears out the cobwebs better than a trip to the Portland Art Museum, a food cart, dog time, and gardening.

When I walked through the doors of the PAM, this pretty incredible sculpture by Bruce Nauman rose up to meet me. It’s aptly called Animal Pyramid.

My destination was a special exhibit called California Impressionism or California plein air painting, which featured some extraordinary works from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I love this one by William Ritschel called Boats Returning Home.

Next to the elevator, I saw a tiny Mark Rothko painting I had never noticed. It’s always great to see a new Rothko.

Then, I headed to the photography gallery to see “70 Years, 70 Photographs.”  I saw mostly black and white photos – my favorite – by Minor White, Ansel Adams, Harry Callahan, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and many others. Check out this pic of Allen Ginsberg, William Bourroughs, and Gregory Corso. The notes on the photo say no one knows who took the pic. Speak up, if you can remember.

I love the French artist Marcel Duchamp. You can look forever at one of his pieces and still see something new. On the left is a lithograph called “Wanted: $2,000 Reward.” I read that Duchamp created this work of art before leaving New York for Paris in 1923. As a joke, he pasted two head shots of himself on the poster.

One of my reasons for heading to the museum on Wednesday was to catch a bite to eat at KOi Fusion. Their cart hangs out in the museum’s plaza in the summer. They whip up Asian influenced Mexican fare that I can’t get enough of. Unfortunately, it closed early. I pleaded with them, but they were on their way to an event, so that was a no-go. Luckily, they have another location at Bridgeport Village, so I zipped over there. It was after one, but there was still quite a crowd, which is not surprising. I ordered the K-Dog, a completely sinful and awesome piece of art. It’s an all natural Zenner’s dog with kimchee sauerkraut, Japanese mayo, topped with BBQ pork in a spicy and sweet sauce and some dark green flakes on top that looks like nori.

Then I went home to work in the garden for a bit. My tomatillos are producing like crazy. I planted them because I like the little paper houses the fruit grows in. Help! Does anyone know how to tell when it’s time to pick them? Please share a sauce recipe, too.

Finally, the doggies were clamoring to get out in the yard to romp with their mom. We played their version of fetch, which is: They get a stick and I run after them to try and take it away from them.

What a great day – I needed that!

  1. So glad you cleared the cobwebs. Enjoyed!

  2. Thanks, Darrelyn! Is your book out yet?

  3. Betsy permalink


    Sounds like a fine day! It is good to take a break and play. Let me know if you still would like the bamboo starts. They are looking pretty healthy thus far….Be well and see you soon. Hello to Bob.


  4. Jon permalink

    Diane – There are some good tomatillos recipes in Rick Bayless’s cookbook MEXICO ONE PLATE AT A TIME. Your local library probably has a copy. His tomatillo salsa recipe is very easy – there are versions online if you google “Bayless tomatillo”.

  5. Jean permalink

    I have a great tomatillo salsa recipe…approved by Ismael Ramirez! I will try to remember to bring it tomorrow!

  6. You should create a post filled with life-advice for busy readers. Your writing is infinitely better when you write from that place. Thanks for a wonderful post! P.S. I absolutely loved this line: “All my sentences were wearing tuxedos.” It should be the title of your book (or post, or ebook).

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