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Ivan Doig Reading

September 17, 2012

Ivan Doig was in Portland last week reading from his new book The Bartender’s Tale. You can read my review at the Portland Book Review. While you’re there, make sure you read Doig’s essay, Key Character: The Typewriter, that’s featured in the PBR print edition. You can find the print edition online by scrolling down the home page until you see it on the left side.  In it, Doig talks about “fingerspitzengefuhl,” roughly “intuition in the fingertips.” Riveting stuff about why he still writes his books on a manual typewriter.

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    Diane, R eading about Ivan Doig— and his time at Northwestern University— made me think that you are– in sensitivity, spirit, intellect and talent— a Northwestern type woman. Let’s turn the clock back and have you start your first year of college at Northwestern. I have no doubt that you would be at least a Pulitzer Prize Winner, and more, certainly one of the major writers of our time— not a major woman writer– but a major writer. Diane, all of us who know you well want to read that treasure of words and stories that are within your mind. Regards, Jim

  2. I noticed you received kudos by the review you did on “The Bartender” It’s looks like I am going to have to pick this book up. I’ll also move it up the Carousel. I love recommending a good read for a friend, usually I will give them the book and when they mention when they will return it. I usually say no share it with someone else.

  3. Diane,
    True talent almost never depends only on the passing of the hours. Your time for a Pulitzer is anytime you decide The Time Is Now for Diane.

  4. Then, I shall begin today.

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