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My Review of Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon is Up at PBR

November 16, 2012

Click here to read.

Harper, 2012


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  1. “… a little less of it to love.”
    A perceptive thought and gentle comment by Diane to alert her readers they will have to make an intellectual commitment to read Chabon’s latest book. He is always challenging, often prfound, but like most truly good authors, he is never easy. He requires readers to become part of his world– not merely bored readers and curious travelers.
    “..wrong to fault it for its opulence”
    That comment alone makes reading Diane’s latest review a pleasure read. Read those seven words out loud. Don’t they have a lovely sound? F.S. Fitzgerald is writing again.
    Jim Dunne

  2. I love Jim’s comment about Diane’s review and agree that Chabon’s latest is an intellectual commitment, one where a reader must set aside a world and completely envelope another, a difficult exercise for those with short attention spans, but so worth the dive off the high platform. Thanks, Diane, for yet another perceptive review.

  3. How lucky I am to have two readers who take the time to write lovely comments! You both made my day brighter.

  4. Deftly handled review of a complicated Chabon, Diane! As an aside, the Gamera reference took me back to my childhood in the waaaaay-back machine … in 4th grade I made a Gamera-inspired Great Pumpkin portrait using a Crayon scratch art technique. Somehow, they passed me along to 5th grade.

  5. Thanks, Sean. So good to see you hanging out at my blog. We still miss you over at Twitter. It’s never recovered from your absence.

  6. Gertrude Stein once remarked about Oakland, California that “There is no ‘there’ … there.”A good book reviewer, and Diane Prokop is one of the best, provides the “there” to an author’s latest work. She always “gets it, no matter the author or the book.
    Reading her Review of Michael Chabon’s recent book–again— I am reminded of her many writing skills and the depth of her literary perceptions. She brings “There” to all of us, no matter what we are reading.
    Jim Dunne

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