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John le Carré Book Trailer Just Released

April 25, 2013

9780670014897_ADelicateTruth_CVF.inddThe story of A DELICATE TRUTH, le Carre’s 23rd novel, unfolds over three years. A British civil servant is dispatched to Gibraltar where a top secret counter-terror operation (codename: Wildlife) is being mounted. He has been assigned by a Minister of Her Majesty’s Foreign Office to be his eyes and ears on the ground.  The mission is so delicate that not even the Minister’s private secretary, Toby Bell, is admitted to the plan. The operation goes off without a hitch.  Or does it?

Three years on, Sir Christopher “Kit” Probyn, a former British diplomat, is enjoying his well-earned retirement. Brought face to face with a living ghost from his past, he desperately appeals to Toby for enlightenment. With the surreptitious help of Kit’s daughter Emily, two men a generation apart, both loyal servants of the Crown, will separately discover whether Wildlife was the triumph it was made out to be, or a tragedy ruthlessly suppressed by the Foreign Office to which they owe their allegiance.

A Delicate Truth will be released May 7th and if it’s half as good as this trailer, it will be awesome!


Viking, May 7th, 2013


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  1. Looks like a film I’d need a cushion handy to watch! The book, no problem.

  2. Claire, thanks so much for all your comments and likes. I’ve been out of town for what seems like an eternity (3 weeks) and am at sixes and sevens when it comes to using my iPad for anything but checking mail. I’ve been limited to the bare minimum as you can see by this post. But when I get home, you can expect some proper responses. Sending my very best to you!

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